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Color Analysis & Styling

Colour Connection Styling  Color Analysis & Styling

Color Analysis & Styling

Color Analysis & Styling 3 hours – $350

Color Analysis only – 2 hours $250



“I found I could say things with color that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe


This exciting and innovating style and color consultation session will offer you a comprehensive look and package.


During the consultation, I will determine your body shape and create a tailored dressing plan according to your unique features. I will determine your fashion style and style personality to suit the practical needs of your lifestyle. The aim is to make you feel confident and comfortable.


During your color consultation, I will determine your color group and color flow, and advise you on which colors complement and suit you best. This will allow you to shop and dress with your own personal color swatch and app in your hand.


Here’s what to expect from the consultation:




  • Compiling your unique body shape will determine styles that suit you best. You will receive upper body style suggestions, lower body style suggestions, fabric choice and color combination ideas
  • Figure analysis – suggestions on how to create a balanced profile and best approach to assembling a cohesive layered look
  • Face shape – you will receive ideas and suggestions on hairstyles, necklaces, sunglasses and eyewear, and hats that suit you best according to the unique shape of your face
  • Segments and style – you will receive suggestions for shirt lengths, shoes and accessories
  • You will receive a tailored dressing plan and suggestions




  • I will determine your fashion style and fashion personality to suit your lifestyle perfectly. This will assist you when making style choices.
  • Color consultation
  • Color analysis – I will determine your color group and flow with a unique color draping and color analysis
  • Color Swatch – once I’ve determined the color palette that compliments you best, you will receive your color Swatch in your own, personalised app
  • You will receive hair color suggestions, make up suggestions, jewellery and accessories suggestions
  • How to wear and combine color definition, layering, patterns and prints
  • How to wear black and monochrome color suggestions


You will receive the amazing Pocket Stylist App with your own personalized colour palette and swatch with beautiful style suggestions, as well as a LookBook. My feedback report will contain everything we discussed during the session.




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